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KCBD - March 2019

...a group of Lubbock women will be getting together to produce their own beer for International Women’s Day. It’s a collaboration between Brewery LBK and Flipper’s Tavern, but this is not just a Lubbock party, because brewers across the globe will be creating a special beer in celebration of empowerment and equality.

Brewing Beer for a Cause

Yolo Texas - September 2020

Join YOLO TX for a trip across the Lone Star State. First, it’s a trip to Lubbock where you don’t need to go very far to experience the finer things in town. Not only is The Pioneer Pocket Hotel Lubbock’s premier luxury hotel, inside you’ll find a fine dining restaurant – The West Table and an award-winning brewery – The Brewery LBK.

Season 4, Episode 2

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