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a curated playlist of our favorite songs.

Music is an essential part of the dining experience, and that's why we began curating a playlist of our favorite songs that you are bound to hear at The West Table: songs that make you happy, make you want to dance, or compliment your meal perfectly.  Songs that lend themselves to our modern and contemporary ambiance.


"Songs from The West Table" features an eclectic range of music from modern hits to timeless classics.  With Apple Music and Spotify, we've made it even easier for our guests to listen to "Songs from The West Table."  Each month we will add new songs, which will automatically appear on your devices if you've saved the playlist in Apple Music or followed it on Spotify.


To listen to Songs from The West Table, click on the service of your choice below.*


Apple Music

*Access to "Songs from The West Table" requires an Apple Music Subscription or Spotify Account (free or premium). Carrier Data charges may apply. Not all songs available on all platforms.

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